Over the past few years, Next Generation family members from global enterprising and affluent families convened at Scone Palace.  They came to explore their family heritage and roots, identify with their current realities with respect to family wealth and enterprise and contemplate their future opportunities and challenges with their unique birth right.

With participants from Canada, the US and Europe, ranging in age between 32 and 72, they all desired to avoid the common fate of being crushed by one’s own advantages, and sought a peer network to help them as they continue to grow as effective contributing leaders within their family, businesses and communities. The Scone Project focused its attention upon a family’s most important and sometimes most overlooked asset – their Human Capital.

A unique component of the Scone Project is that families are encouraged to send multiple family members or family ‘pods’.  In 2017 three sisters attended together, as well as an aunt and niece and a newly wed couple.  The opening keynote set the scene with the sharing of personal journeys which enabled participants to quickly build trusting relationships which grew over the course of the program.

From small group discussions, case study, and peer learning, to a Next Generation Leadership Panel, inspiring keynotes and team-building, outdoor activities such as a Highland Games and Scone Scavenger Hunt, the Scone Project engaged participants in a multi-sensorial and experiential journey like no other educational program.

Participants shared their thoughts on The Scone Project with us:

  • Participants particularly valued the “ability to talk with peers in a safe space” and “the opportunity to become part of a community”.
  • “A powerful few days, that takes you out of your comfort zone at times, supported by the community that builds itself over the Project”
  • “Outstanding! No program ever gave more of an experience and growth in such a short time. The connections made are more than networking – a true family is being born and friendships that will grow. There is a true sense of community”
  • The moment I landed in Scotland and arrived at the Palace I felt welcomed and knew I would have the most amazing experience.”


 The Scone Project 2016

In May 2016 twenty Next Generation family members from global enterprising and affluent families convened at Scone Palace for the inaugural Next Generation Leadership Program.

Participants described their experience as “exhilarating” and “deep, enriching and meaningful”.  The learning and impact were transformational and the bonds formed among the group enduring.

Participants shared their thoughts about their experience

  • “Confidence. When I saw my family after this course, all of them have said at different times to me how much more confident I am. I realized it’s good to be me.”
  • “It’s remarkable to me that in just four short days, a group of people that were initially strangers became family. My support network grew by more than 25 people, people who I know I can reach out to in the future for anything. I felt free to be unapologetically myself and I felt safe to share my experiences and stories. It was more than I could have ever imagined. I cannot thank the facilitators and RBC enough for granting us this once in a lifetime opportunity that will impact me for the rest of my life. Thank you.”
  • “A lot of self-learning and understanding. After having kids I never felt confident in my work because I felt like it wasn’t important. Now I realize that it’s okay to not run the family business and that I have a lot to offer in what I am doing. This course gave me way more confidence than I’ve had.”
  • “The Scone Project was truly a privilege and honour to be a part of. It is hard to articulate in words the impact it had on me, but I can tell you that in just four short days, people who were initially strangers to me became family. Not only did I gain a lot of useful insight and information from both our world class facilitators and my fellow participants, but I was able to build a whole new network of relationships that I know I will be able to leverage on for support in the future. Scone is a safe haven; a place where you can be yourself, share your stories, and know that you’ll be listened to and supported. I couldn’t be more grateful for this experience and I highly encourage anyone to pursue this unparalleled opportunity.”
  • “The relationships that were cultivated were the greatest value I received from the Scone Project. I met such accomplished, caring, intelligent and loving people who I can now call family. I cannot wait to see where our journey together goes in the future.”
  • “The greatest value is by far the friendships formed and having like people to turn to and share the hardship of our responsibilities.”